Let`s eat and socialize – Veranstaltung vom 5. Mai 2018

Let´s Eat & Socialize took place on the 5th of may 2018 at Friedhofstrasse 6 ,4020 Linz.The program lasted from 11 am to 3pm. we worked with our time schedule and made sure everything went according to plan.The initail plan was to have a total of 20 people at the gathering but on that day we had extra 2 people making a total of 22 people. Amongst the guests werw people who were ready to help immigrats and foreigners integrate into the Austrian Systerm. Contacts were exchanged between those willing to help and people needing help or assistance.

Two different topics were discussed (What can I do as an immgrate? For a better life in Austria.) (Where can I get help?) We were really happy with the inputs and opinions the people willingly contributed.The topics were a succes with our guests and it was a fun session.

Different Africa dishes were prepared and before the people could dive in to eat, the ingredients and process need to make each dish was explained so those with allergies would know what food stay clear off. the dishes mode included, plain Rice with stew ,Jollof Rice, beans ,Banku and Pepper,Grilled and Fried Tilapia,Cabbage Stew,Boiled Yam,Grilled and Fried Chicken and many others.

The program was also graced with the presence of Mavis Kwarko Mrs Face of Africa Austria 2014 and Inomwan Etinosa Mr Face Of Africa Austria 2016 who come to support and helped the program run smothly.