The Team

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Secretary Of JayJay O

My name is Nicole Hügel and I am 25 years old.I love travelling and dancing.
I am a very open minded young lady from Upper Austria.
As a main job I am a french clerk but I also sew clothes for people and give lessons for kids
if they need any help at school.
Ever since Jennifer and I are good friends we found out that if we work together everything is
easier and better.
I learned a lot from the African culture and she also did from the Austrian.
Together we are strong! Thats what we do believe in and thats our guiding idea.

Well I do believe in it that together everyone achieves. For one person it will take longer to achieve something in life, but if we help each other and work together we can do great things. The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety. Unity means that people help each other with their knowledge.
Whether cooking, dancing, languages, trade things- it doesnt matter! If we will work hand in hand
life gets more easy.

I am the secretary of our organisation JayJayO. I am also responsible for all the translation
parts from german to english and french.

Financial Secretary and Organizer

I am Mary Darko, a pensioner. when i migrated to Austrian early 90s. There were not many Africans. It was very difficult to  going to a supermarket to buy groceries because i could not speak the language and did not understand fully the Austrian culture. After some time I learned the language and culture and got closer to the native Austrians. I joined different kind of organizations and we were able to do a lot by that time even though we were not many. I then felt more comfortable in Austria.

In 2012 when I heard that there is a new organization launching in Linz which focuses on cultural integration in the African diaspora in Austria I decided to be a part of it. I am the financial secretary and also an organizer at Jay Jay O. I love to help Africans living in Austria and beyond in any little way i can and i believe i can contribute to the African diaspora in my own little way with Jay Jay O African cultural organization. Together we create change.


Roland Suman Seini (Mandiaya) is a researcher, self taught film maker and Founder of Chaka Orleans Heritage Foundation. He’s researched into the origins of Naa Gbewa, founder of the Dagbamba Kingdom (Mole – Dagbani State) and produced a documentary on him titled “The Forgotten Kingdom? Chronicle of the North…”. Sumani Seini has worked as a strategist for the Ghana International Trade Fair 2016 in Tamale. He was a guest lecturer at Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. His documentary was launched in Ghana and Austria and currently promoting his research work and documentary on Naa Gbewa. He is a producer for the Chale Wote Street Art Festival organised by Accradotalt. This is his first film towards documenting African history .He currently lives in Accra.

Mandiaya has passion for serving Humanity and as a principle want to be part of the change he wants to see in Humanity. He accepted to be an Advisor of FOAA because he is passionate about the promotion of African history and its identity and he believes FOAA provide the platform for Africans in the Diaspora to be connected to their root while living outside their continent.

Graz Organizer

My name is Samuel Jase Lee and .I am 29 years old.I live in Styria,I love reading, travelling and dancing.As a main job am a parcel deliver at GLS (General Logistic Service) since almost 6 years now.But professionally am a shop assistant.

My aim of joining this organisation is that when i came to europe in year 2000.I passed through some racial  Abuse and  some difficulties as an African. Because of that i made up my mind to study hard enough so that i can help others who are passing through it.I  love to see the smile on peoples faces after helping them, it gives me more energy to go on helping others. In styria where i live ,i help those who who can’t speak and read german like i do.I sometimes take them to their appointments and also reply their letters for them.

I have known Jennifer for a quiet long time and also during the search for Mr. FOAA 2014 and 2016 which i participated but was unlucky to win, but it didn’t stop me to do what i love to do most.

I want to help the organization to strengthened up.And also am very open for new ideas from all the members in the team.I know it will make a change when we all work together as one. Thank you all for your support and love.


Hello my name is sylvia Afia Pormaa I’m a proud member of jay jay o Kulturverein.

I joined this organization because it get us Africans in the diaspora to unite and integrate in our Austrian community My duties are hosting the red carpet , Taking care of the bar and promoting our events

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