Interviews at the FM and TV Stations in Ghana

FOAA embarking on prjects in and outside of Austria

As a winner of FOAA embarking on projects in and outside of Austria is part of the call. I won a trip to Ghana ,It was a holiday trip and a champaign trip as well.
We went to Radio stations and TV station which are very popular in Ghana ,such as OKAY FM,ADOM FM,PEACE FM ,CITY FM and UTV.I was interviewed by the best Host in town.

At Okay FM i went to Abaaku Santanas programme but unfortunately, he there that day . I was then interviewed by santanar who was funny and asked a lot about FOAA.They were excited to hear that such program as FOAA existed . The listeners called to ask questions and i was grateful to have a team such as FOAA Team behind me.

Adom FM was amazing . I had the oppotunity to meet Ohemaa Woyeja and her Team. We talked about how to be natural and the impotantance of knowing your native language even when born or living abroad .

Peace FM and the UTV team were intresting, we did a short commecial for UTV and i was interviewed before the 6 pm news. Questions was asked about FOAA and our upcoming Programmes which i explained.

City FM was the last Radio interviewed that i had . It was awesome we even got a listener who wanted to help us with the project for the prisoners in Ghana.I had a lot of Fun and got a lot of contacts which was very useful to us .